Author of the Luke Chance and Sasha Field series

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Warning - erotica. Suitable for ages 18+ only

Two women, one wish list, seven days ...

After dumping her pleasant but unimaginative boyfriend, Sasha Field finds herself in a motel bedroom, describing her sexual fantasies to her new friend, Kelly. The list starts as a joke, but then Sasha and Kelly come to a life-changing decision: Why not experience every fantasy on the wish list?
From their inept attempts at bondage to their inventive method of finding a well-hung man, it's a total riot as the two women set out to sample all of life's sexual pleasures.

Sasha's List is a fun, light-hearted romp detailing Kelly and Sasha's quest for new sexual experiences ... and their growing affection for each other.

Contains scenes with depictions of graphic sex. Do not read if you're easily offended. Suitable for readers 18+ only. Coming soon to Kindle Unlimited!